November 3, 2016 / Thursday
16:00-17:00Opening ceremony
Chairs: Sonja Levanat, Mariano Barbacid
17:00-18:00Mariano Barbacid (Spain)
"Targeting K-Ras Driven Lung and Pancreatic Tumors"
18:00-18:20Coffee break
18:20-19:20Clare Isacke (United Kingdom) (sponsored by EACR)
"Stromal Cell Activation in Primary and Metastatic Breast Cancer"
SECTION "Tumor Biology and Evolution"
Chairs: Maja Herak Bosnar, Tomislav Domazet-Lošo
19:20-19:55Tomislav Domazet-Lošo (Croatia)
"Tracing the Evolutionary Origin of Tumors"
19:55-20:30Maja Herak Bosnar (Croatia)
"The Metastasis Suppressor Gene Family Nme/Nm23/NDPK: Lessons From Model Organisms"
20:30-21:30Welcome reception
November 4, 2016 / Friday
SECTION "Signaling Networks in Cancer"
Chairs: Neda Slade, Daniele Bergamaschi
8:30-9:05Daniele Bergamaschi (United Kingdom)
"Oncogenic p63 Signalling in Melanoma and Its Link With Acquired Resistance to MAPK Inhibitors"
9:05-9:40Fritz Aberger (Austria)
"Targeting Hedgehog-GLI Signaling in Cancer: New Concepts and Strategies"
Short talks:
9:40-10:00Nikolina Hanžić (Croatia)
"The Expression of p53/p73 Isoforms, NME and GLI in Metastatic Melanoma
and Their Induction by Υ-Irradiation"
10:00-10:20Vjekoslav Tomaić (Italy/Croatia)
"Interaction of the Human Papillomavirus E6 Oncoprotein with Sorting Nexin 27 modulates Endocytic Cargo Transport Pathways"
10:20-10:50Coffee break
SECTION "Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics"
Chairs: Biserka Nagy, Jiri Zavadil
10:50-11:25Sonja Levanat (Croatia)
"Genetics and Epigenetic Alterations of Hedgehog-Gli Signaling Pathway in Ovarian Tumors"
11:25-12:00Jiri Zavadil (France)
"Multi-System Analysis of Genome-Wide Mutational Signatures: Implications for Molecular Cancer Epidemiology"
Short talks:
12:00-12:20Yari Ciribilli (Italy)
"Identification of Novel Genes Responsible for Chemoresistance in Breast Cancer"
12:20-12:40Marko Gerić (Croatia)
"A Case-Control Study of Cytogenetic and Oxidative Stress Parameters in Patients with Thyroid Diseases"
13:30-14:30Poster session
SECTION "Cancer Immunology and Diagnostics"
Chairs: Mariastefania Antica, Zlatko Dembić
14:30-15:05Zlatko Dembić (Norway)
"Recent Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy"
15:05-15:40Agnes Kittel (Hungary)
"Extracellular Vesicles and Their Therapeutic Potential"
Short talk:
15:40-16:00Kata Križić (Croatia)
"Notch and Aiolos in Survival of Neoplastic B-Cells"
16:00-16:30Coffee break
SECTION "Targeted Therapies and Drug Resistance"
Chairs: Maja Sirotković Skerlev, Jean-Christophe Bourdon
16:30-17:05Karmen Stankov (Serbia)
"Precision Medicine in Myeloid Leukemia: Predictive Pharmacogenomics Biomarkers of Drug Sensitivity and Resistance"
17:05-17:40Jean-Christophe Bourdon (United Kingdom)
"Cell Composition in p53 Isoforms Defines Cell Fate Decision"
Short talks:
17:40-18:00Natalija Dedić Plavetić (Croatia)
"Novel Therapies for Breast Cancer"
18:00-18:20Višnja Stepanić (Croatia)
"Design of Novel Hybrid Compounds of Vitamin C and 1,2,3-Triazole With Anticancer Properties: Impact of Physicochemical Profile on Biological Activity"
18:20-18:40Anna M. Czarnecka (Poland)
"Cancer Stem Cells Influence Renal Cell Cancer Tyrosine Kinase Resistance"
Chair: Sonja Levanat
18:40-19:40Miroslav Radman (Croatia)
"Emergence of Phenotypes in Aging and Disease"
19:40-20:10Closing ceremony and best poster awards (sponsored by EACR)